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 UK Office

Joel Storfer

Office Manager
Motti Ostreicher

Diamond Department
Joel Storfer

Financial Controller
Sunita Pattani

Creative Director
Esther Sebastian

Customer Relationship Manager
Ruth Mill

Graphics & Media Department
Arie Cohen

Office Administrators
Dere Buwa
 Belgium Office

UJT Ltd Diamond Office
(trading as GR Fancies BVBA)
Schupstraat 9/-11,
2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

 India Office

2B,309, Brindaban CHS
Poonam Nagar, Off.M.C Road
Andheri (east), Mumbai - 400093

Tel: 00 982 1856748

Vishal Rao

 Thailand Office



Sales Representatives
Gavin Heller
Desmond Maguire

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